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Theatmangroup is an online news company focused on covering the most important business and breaking news in the US and around the globe. We have assembled a team of passionate, seasoned investment professionals to pick apart the market’s biggest headlines on a daily basis. Major News categories are being covered by our dynamic team of editors and analysts.

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Theatmangroup believes that there are emerging and growing companies across diverse industry sectors with sizeable hidden value. Market disruptive discovery and innovation often occur in small to mid-size companies that are either misunderstood or underrepresented. So we focus on identifying these companies and uncovering their stories before the rest of the market to ensure that you receive the full story – every single day.

This blog is for disseminating information about the stars. Our dedicated team of writers does thorough research before presenting it to our readers. But we don’t guarantee that all the information provided here is correct. We always welcome recommendations and suggestions to help our efforts. You can write to us at or use the Contact Us page.