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WATCH: Hitman Holla along with The Girlfriend Cinnamon Video Viral in Net Close Friends Story.

Hitman Holla's Girlfriend Speaks Out After She's Shot In The Face | HipHopDX

Recently a brand new video of Hitman Holla along with his girlfriend Cinnamon is getting viral on social media. This is exactly why he has currently become the middle of talk on the Internet. Hitman Holla’s fans declare that the video that is getting viral on social networking was uploaded by him on Snapchat as his ‘Close Friends’story.

One of his own friends recorded his private story and leaked it on the general public platform. After seeing the intimacy between Hitman Holla and his girlfriend individuals are shocked and therefore use Twitter for sharing their reactions.

Explaining Hitman Holla’s Video Leak Incident

After exploring the viral video, fans are stating that Hitman Holla’s x-rated clip together with his girlfriend Cinnamon is gaining huge attention on Twitter. According to reports, Hitman Holla shared his private video by ensuring full privacy because it could have been seen by only his close friends.

But someone screen-recorded his story and leaked it on the general public platform. Now the video gets distributed to various users on Twitter. If you do not know about the ‘close friends’ feature available on social networking then Let’s let you know so it enables the user to allow this story to be visible for only a selected band of people. It offers 100% privacy as you have to choose your close friends manually.

Any clarification because this viral intimate video of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend is not even published by Hitman Holla on his social networking accounts. Even we do have no official data that’ll confirm whether he was the main one who uploaded the video on social networking or not.

The video of Hitman Holla originated from him and then someone made it viral after accessing his Snapchat story. Fans are acting crazy on Twitter after exploring his romantic video with Cinnamon.

Reactions by his Fans

Fans are posting tweets for showing their reaction to the video of Hitman Holla that is going viral.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hitman Holla too weird for posting that lmao. Like what is the clout chase?”

Another individual posted a tweet by saying, “why the hell would Hitman Holla post those videos and how would they still get leaked from his close friends.”

Why tha hell would @HitmanHolla post those videos and how’d they still get leaked from his Buddies 😩😩😩

— Freak (@MingLee1219) December 15, 2021

Another tweet says, “I’m late af but was Hitman Holla hacked coz I know he ain’t just post all that on his story.”

Yet another person tweeted, “Did I such as the Hitman Holla video yes Used to do, but I think this was intentional. He and chin always overshared.”

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