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Web Design & Development

The Atman Group loves to build websites – just take a look at our portfolio, and you’ll see why! Every website  is unique and specially built for each client based on their needs. From simple, one-page websites, to multiple-page websites with added customized features, we help every customer bring their website dreams to life!

Every website we build is SEO friendly, based on the keywords specific to your business, which means that your website will show up in Google Search organically. We also build each site to be responsive, so that everyone can view your website on any device!

Web Development
Logo Design

Logo Design

We understand that every business needs a personality – something that makes them unique. It’s important to stand out above the rest, which is why we work hard to to create an identity you love! Whether you are a new business, or are just looking for a refresh of your current logo, we want you to feel amazing about your brand!

The design process begins with a consultation, where a style guide is established for the business. From there, our designer takes our brainstorming and your creative ideas, and brings them to life.

Our ultimate goal is for you to fall in love with your business all over again – and sometimes, all it takes is a new logo!

Social Media

In this day and age, social media is just as important as having a website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, etc – all are used as a way to connect with your customers, providing you with the ability to communicate and cater to millions.

By having a social media presence, you increase the integrity of your business, are able to target your ideal market (for free!) on an ongoing basis, and improve your Google search rankings. It’s also another great way to showcase the personality of your business by posting creative content and engaging with your followers!

We begin by deciding which platforms to build your brand on – depending on your business, some social media platforms will be better than others. From there, we set up your profile & push it live! If your brand new to this whole tweet and picture-posting madness, don’t worry – we’ll teach you the ropes!

Social Media


Once you have an established website, there are different ways to get noticed and stay relevant when people use search engines to look for specific keywords. Whether we are building a new website, or performing SEO work on your current website, we make sure to stay within industry standards and use best practices to increase rankings for your business ethically and organically.

The Process:
First we perform an analysis of your business to identify the keywords relevant to your brand and use them to boost your visibility in Google Search. We then perform monthly maintenance to keep your website current and fresh. In turn, this increases traffic to your website, allows new customers to find your business/product, and increase sales for e-commerce websites.


Once your website is set up, it needs a little love to keep it going. Some companies like to leave their clients hanging, but that’s not our style.

It is important to update/add content and keywords to keep your website fresh. Google wants to suggest current and active sites to its users, and regular maintenance helps keeps you at the top of Google rankings.

After your shiny new website is built, we offer light training on WordPress (the content management system), so you have the knowledge and understanding to operate if you need to make any small updates or post to your blog.

Your website also has to sit somewhere on the web, and we know you want your site secure – so, we provide ongoing hosting on secure servers.


Have questions? Please send us an email or give us a call.

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