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4 Types of Foot Injuries Related To Poor Footwear During Fishing

Fishing is a recreational activity. At the same time, it is also a source of income for most people living by the river or seasides. Professional Anglers require both skills and resources to perform fishing. These resources include fishing equipment such as hooks, rods, fishing nets, boats, etc. Apart from the fishing equipment, fishermen also need some safety measures. Furthermore, wearing proper footwear is among those safety measures because it is likely possible for the anglers to get hurt due to wearing ill boots during fishing. 

Many foot injuries related to poor boots occur due to cutting or piercing objects inside the water and on the shore. Some injuries may occur due to slipping or falling, as the banks are slippery. It is also possible that the anglers can be bitten by big fishes while fishing when they are out of the boat in the water. Fishing, in the boat, or standing on shores or in water, the most sensitive part of the angler’s body that is likely to get injured is their legs and feet. Thus, the anglers need to wear proper footwear for fishing to prevent foot injuries. XTRATUF fishing boots are created for professional fishers. These boots are waterproof, flexible, and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions during fishing.

Types of foot injuries during fishing

Four major types of footwear-related foot injuries can happen during fishing. These foot injuries are;

  • Foot injuries from piercing/cutting  by sharp objects
  • Foot injuries from slips or fall
  • Foot injuries due to standing for a long time inside the water
  •  Foot injuries due to poorly fitted footwear

Foot injuries from piercing/cutting  by sharp objects

Foot injuries from piercing and cutting by sharp objects and rocks are common among fishers. The anglers’ feet are mostly exposed to sharp edge rocks and pointed objects during fishing inside or outside the water. Furthermore, only the finest pair of shoes can prevent their feet from piercing and cutting by barb objects and rocks. Low-quality shoes come with very poor-quality soles, which sharp rocks can easily cut. Thus fishers need proper shoes with a good quality of soles that can provide a safe walk for the anglers over the rocks and prevent them from getting cut by the sharp objects inside the water.

Foot injuries from slips or fall 

The second type of foot injury during fishing is through slips and falls. It is very obvious that the water surfaces and rocks on the banks are slippery, which can cause injuries to the anglers. It does not always happen that slips and falls result in foot injury. It also causes injuries in the back, spine, and joints and, in severe cases, breakage of bones. Due to lack of concentration towards poor quality shoes, Fishers are more sensitive to slips and falls during fishing. Because of the overburden of work and exhaustion, anglers do not pay attention to these boots-related issues and their consequences. Thus fishers need to wear boots that have a strong grip over the slippery grounds and provide safe traction to the wearer.

Foot injuries due to standing for a long time inside the water

Several fishers’ feet are sensitive to water. Those anglers who are allergic to water, when their feet get wet in the boots, it causes serious problems such as blisters, rashes, redness of the skin, itching, and many more. These foot-related issues can be handled by wearing waterproof boots and preventing feet from getting wet inside the water. XTRATUF  Deck shoes are a better solution to this problem. Because these deck boots are waterproof and breathable and made in particular for professional anglers. No matter how much time fishers spend in the water, XTRATUF deck boots will keep the foot dry and warm.

Foot injuries due to poorly fitted footwear

Poorly fitted boots are another serious footwear-related issue that can cause various foot injuries to the fisherman. Although these may not be considered very serious injuries in the strict sense, they can have serious consequences for health and safety. Poorly fitted footwear causes discomfort, pain, and fatigue to the fishers. Fatigue can cause further issues such as muscle and joint pain and cramps. Moreover, an exhausted fisher is less active and attentive towards fishing. So the anglers must wear perfectly fitted boots for fishing to keep themselves active and comfortable.

Sum Up

Foot injuries are part of fishing, and those who earn their bread through fishing need to prevent themselves from such injuries. Footwear-related injuries during fishing can be prevented by assessing the hazards and looking for preventive measures. These preventive measures include identifying poor footwear and replacing that with proper footwear.XTRATUF boots are the finest choice for anglers to prevent related foot injuries.  Those fond of fishing and performing fishing for their pleasure can now enjoy it without any trouble. While those professional anglers who earn their income through fishing also continue their job without any consequences related to fishing boots.

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